Current Suppliers


Download General Dynamics Land Systems' Terms & Conditions; our Supplier Manual; Routing Instructions; Packaging Instructions; Information required for U.S. export authorizations such as lists of Foreign Consignees and Foreign Intermediate Consignees; and more.

File Transfer

Click the following link to access the MoveIT file transfer system: File Transfer.

For the user guide click here: User Guide.

To request a new account, send your contact information and justification to your GDLS-C Sponsor. Your GDLS-C Sponsor will place an iSupport request on your behalf.

U.S. Suppliers



Links to external sites for information relating to the defense industry. Find out about ITAR, FARS, Military acronyms, download Mil-Specs, and more.

Supplier Barcode Generator

Please refer to your Purchase Order to confirm which Org to select for shipping. For questions regarding the Supplier Barcode Generator functionality, please contact 586-825-4000.

International Trade & Transportation Services

Information on customs, export controls, and transportation for all of our suppliers.

Oracle Computer System

General Dynamics Land Systems uses an ERP system called "Oracle" to manage all ordering, manufacturing, and purchasing activities. All Oracle POs and RFQs issued to suppliers are communicated exclusively via iSupplier Portal.

The address for iSupplier Portal is

Download a copy of the iSupplier User Manual here (version 3.9.4, July 2013).

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